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factory sales tungsten carbide oil nozzle YG6X φ25*φ10*35 mm


Price: $20.00 / PCS
  • Min. Order:7/Pieces
  • Product Code:J01C014C001
  • Model:
  • Processing Level:high quality
  • Grade:YG6X
  • Finished goods inventory:0/PCS
  • N.W:0.1441/KG
  • Specification:φ25*φ10*35 Millimeter
  • Tolerance:according to factory index Millimeter
  • Delivery time:Moulds Available But No Stocks
  • Origin:Sichuan,China
  • Shipping:Free Shipping to United States via ePacket
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  • Operator telephone:0086 13540134090
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Tungsten carbide nozzle feature Ultra wear resistant Low pushing force Faster speed high precision high temperature resistance, Application chemical industry Food machinery Metallurgy architecture Derusting Cleaning Atomization Comparing a reference brass nozzle, the tungsten carbide nozzle is much easier to extrude. In fact, the output flow can be increased by around 80% while having the same results. Tungsten carbide has exceptional wear resistance due to its high hardness. Both the nozzle hole size and height will always stay the same, no matter how long or how hard you use it.

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