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spray welding powder wc12co sintered crush


Price: $70.00 / Kg
  • Min. Order:30 kg
  • Product Code:A01C001C001
  • Model:
  • Processing Level:high quality
  • Grade:finished products
  • Finished goods inventory:2000/Kilograms
  • N.W:1/Kilograms
  • Specification:-125+75 Micron
  • Tolerance:according to factory index Millimeter
  • Delivery time:Stock
  • Origin:Sichuan,China
  • Shipping:Free Shipping to United States via ePacket
  • Order Quantity
  • Unit Price
  • Total Amount
  • N.W (Kg)
  • G.W (Kg)
  • Shipping & Payment
  • Operator telephone:+86-13540134090
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WC12Co Heavy Abrasive Wear and Erosion Resistance in: Steel rolls Corrugating rolls Agricultural rasp bars Exhaust fans Conveyor screws Sucker rod couplings Thread bars Uniform high hardness and ductility, low stress and porosity lead to a substantial increase of service life of parts protected with Kermetico HVAF WC-Co coatings in comparison with HVOF tungsten carbide version

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