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tungsten carbide nozzle YG8Z φ10.5*1.8*13.3


Price: $0.56 / PCS
  • Min. Order:30 PCS
  • Product Code:J01C001C009
  • Model:
  • Processing Level:unground
  • Grade:YG8Z
  • Finished goods inventory:0/PCS
  • N.W:0.0137/Kilograms
  • Specification:φ10.5*1.8*13.3 Millimeter
  • Tolerance:OD:-0.2+0.2;ID: -0.1-0.2;Height:-0.3+0.3 Millimeter
  • Delivery time:10 days
  • Origin:Sichuan,China
  • Shipping:Free Shipping to United States via ePacket
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  • Total Amount
  • N.W (Kg)
  • G.W (Kg)
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  • Operator telephone:+86-13540134090
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Tungsten carbide, not to be confounded with tungsten alloy, which is metal, is the ceramic of choice when it comes to wear and abrasion resistance. Cutting tools for steel and tool steel are made from tungsten carbide. It is also used extensively in the mining industry as a button insert for crushing rocks. A nozzle is a device designed to control the direction of a particular gas flow (especially increasing speed) as it enters (or exits) a closed cavity or pipe. In terms of nozzles, carbide nozzles are the most rugged and cost-effective.

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