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how about the applications of carbide rods

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the applications ,carbide rods

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    Carbide rods are mainly used for drill bits, end mills, reamers. It can also be used for cutting, stamping and measuring tools. It is used in paper making, packaging, printing, nonferrous metal processing industry. In addition, it is widely used in processing high-speed steel cutting tools, carbide cutter, carbide cutting tools, NAS cutting tools, aviation tools, carbide drill bits, milling cutter core drill, high speed steel, taperd cutter, metric Milling cutter, miniature end mill, hinge pilot, electronic tool, step drill, metal cutting saw, double guarantee diamond drill, gun pole, angle cutter, carbide cutting file, carbide cutting tools and so on. Carbide rods that are carbide rods, also known as tungsten steel rods, in simple terms is tungsten steel rods or carbide rods. Carbide is made of powder metallurgy by the refractory metal compounds (hard phase) and bonding metal (bonding phase) composed of composite materials. Carbide is also known as tungsten steel, relatively speaking, is the difference between the local name.

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