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0864574958 Japan Will Remove the Fukushima Nuclear Fuel Frit

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(Xinhua News Agency, July 26) According to Japanese media reports, the crew used the robot to investigate the 3 unit of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Tokyo electric power company as of July 22nd.

It was found that there was a massive object at the bottom of the reactor and at the bottom of the containment, and it was probably the "nuclear fuel frit" formed by mixing the nuclear fuel with the reactor structure.
To this end, the Japanese economy and Industry Minister Yoko Hiroshige 25 days after the cabinet meeting said: "confirmed to possibly melt nuclear fuel frit, get a lot of valuable information. Will be combined with the analysis of the survey and evaluation results, in order to strike out in September about the way to remove the frit.”
It is reported that, according to the current heap process table, to finalize the specific time for the removal method of frit next year first half of the year, start the operation time for 4 years, before the end of 2021.
Japanese media pointed out that the removal of these fuses need to remotely control the robot to carry out, is considered to be the most difficult part of the waste pile operation.
Since the serious nuclear leakage occurred, nuclear power station unit 1-3 appeared core melting. The previous 6 entry scorpions were killed because of the high temperature of nuclear reactors and the radiation. The robot will be able to get close to the nuclear reactor, and should be using more heat-resistant and radiation resistant alloy material. As everyone knows, tungsten has the highest melting point and strong anti radiation function, in such harsh conditions, the main exploration robot follow-up should also be in tungsten alloy material as the foundation, perhaps this will be the key to remove the Fukushima nuclear fuel frit.