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0864574958 US Electromagnetic Railgun Will Become a Reality

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In July 31st, U.S. media said, the U.S. military and arms dealers for up to 10 years of efforts, the Navy's electromagnetic railgun will put into the battlefield applications.
From a single shot railgun has successfully developed for multiple launch, this is a stepping stone into practical application.
The office of Naval Research and naval air weapons department head Tom Boettner in future naval power of science and Technology Expo said: "the rail guns and other directed energy weapons is maritime superiority in the future, the United States Navy must take the lead in this technology leap into combat and for the United States to keep the advantage of hand."
But the United States media also said, there are indications that China has made a major breakthrough in electromagnetic railgun research, the future will likely be included in the 055 type destroyer, China will also receive incomparable strike capability, because of the enormous power of an electromagnetic gun can be penetrated, hit the U.S. military's most advanced armor.
At present, the most advanced technology of electromagnetic railgun is the United States, and then Russia. The United States from 1958 began to study, from their realization of the electromagnetic gun bursts of the news that the Americans from the electromagnetic gun combat application is not far away. China's electromagnetic gun technology started late, although progress is rapid, but with the United States at least one or twenty years gap to go, its main yet to solve the problem of large power supply, power supply miniaturization and power life, etc., in general, from the actual combat equipment there is a certain time.
At present, the use of the electromagnetic railgun is at the initial stage of rapid fire bomb, it requires very high density and heat resistance of air friction, and without the addition of gunpowder and the formation of enormous penetration. And in the field of military industry, the future is likely to achieve the above conditions, and large-scale production only tungsten based alloy material. Tungsten as a strategic resource, Chinese accounted for 65% of the world, certainly in tungsten metal shell rapid fire research process, China has more advantages.
We recognize the gap, but we will not be discouraged. It is understood that the field of scientific research on electromagnetic railgun attaches great importance to the major scient