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0864574958 the thermal spray aluminum coating

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Firstly, here’s one term called thermal spray aluminum techniques. This coating processes in which heated materials are sprayed to onto a surface. Metal spraying is about the projection of small molten particles onto a surface you’ve already prepared, where they adhere and form a continuous coating. With continues metal spraying, the particles flatted onto surface roughened substrate. And then onto then each other as the coating thickness is increased. Continues thermal spray on hearted material can provides thick coating.

The materials which include such as metals, alloy, ceramics, plastics and composites, are fed in powder or wire form which is melted into tiny droplets and sprayed onto surface at high velovity.

Instruments involved in thermal spray coating in flame spray process

Flame spraying is the processing of thermal spray, which produces zinc and aluminum for anti-corrosion cathodic coating on any material

HVOF( high velovity oxygen fuel) spray guns: HVOF is a process to spray thermal coating to improve, restore and prevent a component’s surface properties

Spray flame: flame spray coating is the easiest way to protect steel and low carbon steel from the corrosive environment. And the process produces high quality surface coating using heat through fuel gas with oxygen.