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Exchange Points

Exchange points

1. Login account.

2. Go to “My Wococarbide” > Point Details > Exchange Points.

3. Input the number you want to exchange and the corresponding amount of money will be showed at the same time.

4. Fill in the applicant’s ID NO., user name and the name of the company.

5. Fill in the bank account information of the applicant for gathering.

6. Enter the code of membership point twice and verification code.

7. Click notice for exchange and Legal notice.

8. confirm and submit


When using recharging method, users must carefully confirm their accounts and carefully select the relevant operation options. If users input incorrect accounts, operates improperly or do not know recharging method, then these lead to these situations, such as wrong recharging accounts, incorrect recharging amount, damaging users’ benefits, WOCOCARBIDE will not make any compensations to users.

If users use illegal ways or not the ways WOCOCARBIDE specifies to recharge, WOCOCARBIDE can not guarantee that the recharging is completed smoothly or correctly. If in this way, users’ benefits are damaged, WOCOCARBIDE will not make any compensations to users. At the same time, WOCOCARBIDE has the right to terminate the users’ account and clear users’ points.