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Welding steel and Aluminum?

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How can you weld steel and aluminum together. My 2nd problem is that it's on a "sniper" rifle chamber in 7.62x54r, thus I'm worried about the heat that it will produce near the weld spot and weaken it. Thanks
Its a mosin nagan sniper project, and I'm trying something different, just wonder if that possible, and if not then what would be the best way secure the scope mount rather then just 4 screws?. 

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  • 0861788249

    0861788249 2017-01-24 11:01:57

    Aluminum and steel are completely incompatible, you really don't even want them touching due to a chemical process caused by dissimilar metals. You defiantly don't want to weld on any part of the barrel, that will kill you. The weld zone will harden and fail. An expert can braze on the barrel, I wouldn't trust anybody else to do it.

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