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How to spot weld aluminum with an arc welder?

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i have a small hole in the bottom of my but how do i spot weld it with a arc welder stick welder. i know you have to clean it very well iam not trying to run a bead just a small spot weld bit iam using a stick welder not a wire feed welder.i bought aluminum welding rods 1/8 in they didnt have any 1/16
Update: i said i only have an arc welder not a tig not a way to braze it 

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  • 0861788249

    0861788249 2017-02-04 09:22:26

    first off clean ,clean, clean. Any impurities will make a hard job even harder. Second preheat the base aluminum to a good warm temp. not too hot though or you will warp the metal around the hole. make sure the rods are dry and have no moisture at all absorbed in the flux. set the amperage low , somewhere around 60 - 80 amps. striking the ark and getting it to hold will be a little difficult. If the base metal is thin, then a continuous weld is out of the question for a novice. instead, do like you were talking about and build up a few spot welds on top of and around each other until the hole is sealed up. stick welding aluminum is a very tricky and hard task to master, so take your time and try not to loose your patience. remember once aluminum starts to go molten it likes to fall out very quickly leaving a bigger hole than what you started with. oh yes, one last thing, make sure the rods you're using are the right rods for your welder AC rods for AC welder or DC rods for a DC welder.

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