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Best way to weld sheet metal.?

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I need to know the best way to weld sheet metal. I have an old project car that i'm currently modifying, i have a friend who's a welder and he did all the frame and structural welding. but i now i'm onto the cosmetic stuff and need to buy some equipment. I don't have alot of welding experiance but I have spent a little bit of time welding aluminum(tig) and did some steel welding with a mig welder. The problem i had with the mig welder is that it got too hot and distorted like crazy. i was wondering if anyone knew of a better method of welding that wasn't too expensive to get into so i can finally get my benz on the road. thanks.
what kind of welder would be best? like oxy or mig or what? im welding steel. 

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  • 0861788249

    0861788249 2017-02-04 09:25:45

    When you weld sheet metal, you have to stitch weld it to avoid warpage. Weld a small line (inch or so) and then go weld somewhere completely different. When the first area cools, you can come back and add another stitch.’’

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