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What type of mig welding wire do I need to use?

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I have a little experience in welding (2 year certificate and some work experience) and I have mainly welding structural steel. Just recently I started working with aluminum and sheet metal. I know there is mild steel and aluminum welding wire on the market in different thicknesses, etc. Apparently last week, I used mild steel wire on aluminum and it still produced good welds and beads. My question is, when I'm welding aluminum, I have to use the aluminum mig wire and when welding structural I need to use the mild steel wire correct? 

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  • 0861788249

    0861788249 2017-02-06 09:16:39

    If the base material is aluminum- use aluminum wire. If the base material is steel use steel wire. These two materials are different in a lot of ways and are not suitable to weld to each other. If you are going to mix aluminum with steel for a constructed project- do not join the two materials with a weld. A high strength adhesive or mechanical fastener is required. Besides the difference in mechanical properties- the combination is very similar to that of a battery. Electronic action will take place over time and when combined with the differences in metallurgy the welds will fail!

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