Q & A details - Can i weld 1/2" thick metal with a Tig welder thats capable of 1/4" max?
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Can i weld 1/2" thick metal with a Tig welder thats capable of 1/4" max?

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I need to know if its acceptable to weld 1/2" steel with a tig welder capable of 1/4" if i were to weld both sides...1/4"+1/4" =1/2"
If i were to weld just a plain piece of 1/2" steel to another 1/2" steel for practice. Im thinking about getting a Miller thats made for the job, however, im looking at a cheap cheap tig welder it works good, just limited up to 1/4" steel. I already got a mig, but i admire Tig for its strong property characteristics. 

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  • 0861788249

    0861788249 2017-02-06 09:20:18

    you can do it but if you over use the welder it will overheat and burn out. something else to do is preheat the area you are welding and that will help with the welding process. if it is a small area to weld it might work but just becareful and not overheat your welder. a cheap one will burn out and you will hear and feel it sucking the power out of it if it is too much for it. a more expensive one will be better that is rated for the job even if you just rent for the job needed. you really need to think about what you are doing and say if i buy cheap and it blows up is this ok or go for the big one and be happier with the performance. talk to the welding shop locals and see what they have to say too. miller is a great machine if you using for what it is rated for

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