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How do I weld black pipe to a steel cylinder?

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I have an oxygen cylinder that I drilled 1 inch holes into. Then I rounded one end of a 1/2" x 3/4" black pipe 90° elbow to fit the 1 inch holes. Now I am left with the task of joining the two together in a solid fashion. I considered mig welding the two but was concerned with leaks. I also thought about brazing the two, but the area will be subjected to high heat. Somewhere in the order of 1100°, and I an concerned the braze will crack. Should I tack weld it to hold it firm , then braze it together to seal it???

What is the best way to join the two and seal it?? If it's welding then should I pre-heat the metals before welding?
By the way this is going to be the air inlet pipes on an Imbert Gasifier. 

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    0861788249 2017-02-07 09:33:45

    attach to the cylinder & then Pre-heat around the area you want to weld. By using a whole new electrode, make a continuous weld completely around the pipe if possible. For the best results grind the attaching pipe to the same shape as the cylinder on the end & that way you shouldn't have any spaces you have to fill up Whether you arc weld the joint or mig weld it doesn't make much difference other than you don't have to stop & remove the slag or flux left behind from an arc welder. A mig welder you don't have these problems, so can make a continuous joint, without leaving any pin holes, that an arc welder would leave. Let the materials cool down on their own & don't quench the joint with water other wise the joint my break & crack! Cheers!!

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