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AC welding/oxy-acetylene welding/brazing aluminum.?

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Which would be the best way to weld 1/8 in thick aluminum pipe like on a unicycle. I have a AC only stick welding that is capable of doing 220 amps i also have a oxy-acetylene torch. I was wondering if there is any way for me to weld efficiently with what i have on a 1/8 thick pipe? I have been looking at different rods such as 4043's but on the different chats i have seen they did not specify if i could use them with my AC welder. Also the weld doesn't have to be the strongest weld in the world because one pipe will fit inside the other pipe and i will just need to hold them in place. since it needs to be held in place and one pipe is overlapping the other i was wondering if brazing would be OK. I am some what experienced in brazing, but i have never attempted brazing on aluminum.

If you have any ideas PLEASE share=)

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    0861788249 2017-02-07 09:45:38

    Oxy Acetylene can weld anything! 220 Amps on an AC stick will perhaps be sufficient for aluminium, so this is also a heady choice. Regarding brazing, there is no reason why you cannot do it but be sure to choose the filler material very wisely as aluminium has a much lower melting point than other metals and it tends to distort even on temperatures of about 350-400 degrees celsius(dosen't have great thermal stability), so it would require precise and quick work.

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