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Can welding damage my eyes?

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ok so at my school our class had to go to the auditoriom where the stage is to take mme test and they covered the stage with that curtain whatever but i could still see threw it and they were building something and i could see them welding slightly i got a great look at the arc about 18times becuase im sitting nearly 25feet from it i sat there for 3 and half hours trying not to look at it but i did quite a few times im just curious will it damage my eyes from 25feet away yes i know i was sumb to stare at it but its been 6hours i dont notice anything but my eyes are slightly blurry and hurt a bit but its not like extreme pain its just mild and my dad said if you damaged your eyes you would have extreme pain so idk 

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  • 0861788249

    0861788249 2017-02-07 09:47:47

    Welding can only damage your eyes if you are standing very close to the activity and not wearing goggles - injury occurs through debris entering the eye. I'm sure the sensation you're describing is probably just from looking at the bright lights for a while. I wouldn't worry, you should be feeling back to normal tomorrow.

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