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How to weld vertical using spray arc?

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ok so im going for my mig cert, and the welding inspector says anything over 1/8 inch needs to be spray transfer to qualify for aws. so I assume to weld vertical you would need to use a pulse setting? I just bought the miller 350 p works well spray pulsed flat same settings on vertical its horrible what am I doing wrong

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  • 0861788249

    0861788249 2017-02-07 10:59:45

    Your probably not doing anything wrong, the inspector sounds like an idiot, No welder worth his pay is going to spray arc vertical, although it does have its uses, you just need to dial it down till you find the sweet spot, too hot and too much wire speed and it just runs away, in the real world you'd put the stick on it and be done with it. set it till the spray just starts to make its jump, also what wire are you using, I've found better success with the smaller .08 mm wire, and that's about as small as you can go, but that's just me, the larger wire too low on amp will tend to want to dip.

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