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How to Improve Service Life of Tungsten and Molybdenum Drawing Die

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How to Improve Service Life of Tungsten and Molybdenum Drawing Die

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    The life of the wire is reduced by one third of the life of the wire. In short, a high-quality mold should have a good technical staff processing, the mold itself should be high density toughness, master the compression ratio, the sizing should be reasonable, the mold surface finish to be high, the coat to do well, while the observation of mold The emergence of light ring wear off with boron carbide, and then polished, you can extend the life. Polycrystalline wire drawing die in the drawing of the service life. Can not use how many tons to calculate, to see how many days or months, and polycrystalline wire drawing mold several materials, drawing the life of the wire is not the same, the price is not the same, need to choose the model, so as not to cause waste. ---- Carbide wire drawing die life depends on the repair number, you say, such as 1.0 drawing die with a large, can be changed to 1.3 or other size, can be changed several times, it is not a , 2 tons of things, that is, dozens or hundreds of tons. How to make the drawing die to achieve a longer service life In fact, for the drawing die, it is in use, not only to show their performance in the above requirements, but also let it in use, to achieve adequate service life, then how to make this mold in use Time to achieve a very long life? Of course, first of all to make their own when the purchase should pay attention to is that the production of this product is now a lot of enterprises, and the different production enterprises, naturally let it in the life of the above has a different performance.

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