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Gun drill type?

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Gun drill type?

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  • 0862400712

    0862400712 2017-10-19 10:30:58

    The gun drill is an effective deep hole machining tool with a wide range of processing from deep plastic processing of mold steel, glass fiber, Teflon and other high strength alloys such as P20 and Inconel. In the deep hole machining where the tolerances and surface roughness requirements are more severe, the gun drill ensures the dimensional accuracy, position accuracy and straightness of the hole.

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  • 0865598567

    0865598567 2017-10-18 16:15:03

    There are three basic types of deep hole drilling.[2] Processes are categorized by how the cutting coolant flushes heat and chips from the cutting face. The three types of deep drilling are: Gun drilling - The cutting tool is a fluted solid rod that has a hole bored down the center. Coolant is pumped through a hole in the inside of the drill. It flows back outside the drill, through the flute, bringing the chips with it. BTA / STS (Boring and Trepanning Association / Single Tube System) - The cutting tool is a tube. Coolant is pumped in around the outside of the cutting tool and carries chips out through the center tube. Because tubes have minimum sizes, this is only an acceptable technology for holes of over 15.6 mm in diameter. Ejector system - The cutting tool is a tube with another tube nested inside. Coolant flows through the smaller tube to the cutting face and then coolant and chips flow back through the larger tube. This is only an acceptable technology for holes of over 18.4 mm in diameter.

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