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What is the advantage of extrusion?

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What is the advantage of extrusion? 

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    Extrusion technology is a kind of advanced production technology with high precision, high efficiency, high quality and low consumption. Most of the extrusion technology is applied to large-scale production of small and medium-sized daggers. It has become one of the indispensable important processing methods in metal plastic volume forming technology. With the progress of science and technology and the continuous improvement of technical requirements for automobiles, motorcycles and household appliances, cold extrusion production technology has gradually become the development direction of small and medium forgings precision production. Compared with other processing technologies, cold extrusion has the following advantages: 1, with a stronger three to stress than other rolling processing, metal can maximize its plasticity, such as copper extrusion ratio up to 400, or even higher, for some by rolling or forging and other processing methods are difficult to and can not be processed with low plasticity materials difficult to deformation or complicated section the profile can be used for processing, extrusion method. 2, with greater flexibility, an extrusion equipment can produce a variety of varieties and specifications of products, can produce simple shapes of pipes, rods, type, wire, also can produce complex extrusion products. Extrusion operation is very convenient, only need to replace the mold required by the process, you can produce the same shape, specifications and varieties of products on the same equipment, and the work time is very short, less time consuming, high efficiency, suitable for small batch, multi variety production. 3. Extrusion products have high dimensional precision, good surface quality, compact microstructure and high mechanical properties. Because of the good quality, the extruded products can be used directly for users, and can also be used for cold working process to continue processing, and the production efficiency is high. With advanced water seal extrusion technology, the product surface has no oxidation, fine grain size and good plasticity. 4, the process is simple, relative perforation rolling, pass rolling and other production methods of pipe, extrusion process has the advantages of short flow, equipment and less investment. 5, it is easy to realize the automation of the production process, and the extrusion process can realize continuous and automatic production. With the development of electronic technology, the computer has entered the extrusion program management, which plays an important role in extrusion production management, production process parameter control, quality control and so on.

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