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How to recover tungsten carbide from drill bits

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How to recover tungsten carbide from drill bits

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    0864574958 2017-11-29 17:20:56

    It is estimated that tungsten from tungsten scrap accounts for a significant portion of the total tungsten supply. However, the specific recovery of information is not much. The majority of tungsten waste in the United States is recovered at a recycling company. Ultra-high heat-resistant high-stress corrosion resistant nickel-cobalt alloy scrap can be reused without separating into various components and elements. Tungsten metal scrap stored in the wire products factory, usually sold or transferred to the chemical unit. Large amounts of tungsten carbide contained in the scrap of metal cutting operations are not recovered because of the high cost of chemically treating the material and the low grade of tungsten. It is reported that in 1974, the International Metallurgical Company produced more than 3624 t of tungsten carbide powder, which did not include the waste tungsten purchased on the market. Discarded tungsten carbide cutting tools used in metal cutting operations are large, but also promote the invention and development of various methods of economic recovery of tungsten carbide. The cost ratio of tungsten carbide made from primary metal tungsten powder to tungsten carbide recovered from scrap is about 4: 1. High-purity tungsten wire heads account for about 75% of the broken and cast tungsten carbide feed. In addition, the cooling system that cuts the grinding wheel also produces part of the high-purity tungsten sludge during the manufacture of tungsten contacts. After the sludge is dry, it is added directly to the molten steel.

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