Q & A details -Do you know the working principle of ball grinding machine?
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Do you know the working principle of ball grinding machine?

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working principle of ball grinding machine

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    0864574958 2017-12-29 16:45:06

    Ball mill mainly consists of cylindrical cylinder, end caps, bearings and gear ring gear and other components, the cylinder into the diameter of 25-150mm steel ball or steel rod, called the mill medium, the amount of loading for the entire cylinder Have more volume of 25% -50%. There are end caps on both ends of the cylinder body, the end cap is connected with the end flange of the cylinder body by a screw, a hole is arranged in the middle of the end cap, which is called a hollow journal, the hollow journal is supported on the bearing, and the cylinder body can rotate. The cylinder is also fixed with a large gear ring 4. In the drive system, the motor through the coupling, reducer and pinion drive gear ring and the cylinder, slowly rotating. When the barrel rotates, the grinding medium rises to a certain height with the barrel, then falls or falls down under the parabola,

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