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Can you anwser the following Questions?

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These questions are all about the element Tungsten... 
1- # of energy levels 
2- # of valence electrons 
3- Melting point (C) 
4-Solid, liquid, gas 
5-Metal, nonmetal, Metalloid 
6- what color is it? 
7-When was it discovered? 
8-Who discovered it? 
9-Where was it founded? 
10-List some uses. 

Anwser all that you can. I had to do it for a project like 3 years ago and i found it in one of my own notebooks. I wondered if people knew anything about this anwser. If you get the best anwser then got the most right.

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  • 0861788249

    0861788249 2017-01-04 09:54:36

    1. Also called wolfram. 2. Hard 3. High tensile strength 4. High melting point 5. Used as element in incandescent bulbs 6. Used to alloy steel 7. Corrosion resistant 8. Used as a cutting agent in tungsten carbide 9. Chemical catalyst 10. High density

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