Q & A details -Is cast tungsten carbide a special cemented carbide?
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Is cast tungsten carbide a special cemented carbide?

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    0865598567 2019-03-15 13:29:23

    Cast WC is a special cemented carbide products with high hardness and high wear resistance. Its hard phase is a eutectic composed of WC and W2C, and the binder phase is formed during the use phase. The raw material powder is not obtained by high-temperature melting and casting method to obtain a eutectic block. After crushing and decomposing, depending on the particle size and the required composition, the steel pipe of different gauges is made into a cast WC electrode. This special electrode is surfacing or coated on the surface of the easily worn workpiece by means of high temperature flame or plasma spraying (welding) to greatly improve the service life of the workpiece.

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