Q & A details -what is difference between steel-bond cemented carbide and normal cemented carbide ?
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what is difference between steel-bond cemented carbide and normal cemented carbide ?

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    ①Excellent process characteristics. The primary process characteristics of steel-bonded cemented carbides are machinability and heat treatment. Therefore, steel-bonded cemented carbides are considered to be machinable and heat-treatable hard alloys. Another important feature of steel-bonded cemented carbide is forgeability. When forging a steel-bonded cemented carbide, it not only can deform it, but also improve the structure of the material, thereby contributing to the improvement of the material's performance. ②good physical and mechanical properties. The most important property of steel-bonded carbide itself is its high hardness, which is comparable to or higher than that of high-drilled cemented carbide. In addition, steel-bonded cemented carbide has higher toughness than ordinary cemented carbide, and has higher hardness, rigidity, good self-lubrication, high damping modulus and natural frequency than steel. A series of beneficial physical and mechanical properties such as linear expansion coefficient similar to steel. ③excellent chemical stability. Steel-bonded cemented carbide has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance and medium corrosion resistance.

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