Q & A details -what is coated tungsten carbide tool advantage ?
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what is coated tungsten carbide tool advantage ?

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hardness, cutting speed

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    0865598567 2019-03-20 09:29:49

    1The coating has high hardness (TIC - 2800HV30. TIN -2100HV30), good wear resistance, can reduce the crater wear and flank wear on the rake face of the tool, and improve the durability of the tool. 2The coated blade has a 25% to 30% higher cutting speed than the uncoated blade, and the blade life can be extended by 1-3 times at the same cutting speed. 3 can reduce the sticking phenomenon and not easy to form built-up edge. 4 The coefficient of friction between the blade and the workpiece is small, which can reduce the cutting force by 10% -15%. 5 The same coated blade can be used for both fine and semi-finished cars, and can replace two different grades of non-coated blades.

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