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What is flame spraying?

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in thermal spray classify. talking flame spraying advantage and disadvantage, feature

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    0865598567 2019-04-16 09:45:11

    Spraying using heat released by gas combustion is called flame spraying. The most common source of spray for flame spraying is the oxyacetylene flame. According to the shape of the spray material, it can be divided into wire flame spraying and powder flame spraying. Flame spraying has the longest history in spray coating and is still widely used today. Compared with other spraying technologies, oxyacetylene flame spraying has the characteristics of simple operation, flexible construction, easy to grasp, and low cost. Therefore, it is advantageous to use flame spraying technology on the premise that the engineering requirements can be met. However, in comparison, since the temperature of the oxyacetylene flame is low (up to about 3100 ° C), it is difficult to form a coating by flame spraying on the high melting point material: because the flame flow rate is low, the coating bonding force is small, and the porosity is high

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