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what is Arc spraying?

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    Arc spraying is a thermal spraying method in which two sprayed wires are used as consumable electrodes, and an electric arc generated at the ends thereof is used as a heat source to melt the metal wires and atomized by compressed air. The two wires continuously fed at a certain angle to the nozzle end are respectively connected to the positive and negative poles of the DC power source. At the moment when the ends of the wire are short-circuited, due to the high current density, an arc is generated between the two wires, the ends of the two wires are melted, and the molten droplets are atomized by the high-speed airflow, and the jet is sprayed. A spray coating is formed on the surface of the substrate. Compared with wire flame spraying, the arc temperature is high (up to 6000 ° C), the thermal efficiency of spraying is high, the bonding strength of the coating is good, and the spraying speed and deposition efficiency are significantly improved. Therefore, it is the best choice for spraying large-area coatings, especially long-lasting anti-corrosion zinc and aluminum coatings. The main disadvantage of arc spraying is that the spray material is required to be electrically conductive, has good plasticity, and is easy to be drawn into a wire. In recent years, manufactured wire core material has been developed. Although the application range of arc spraying has been expanded, it has brought about related problems such as a large increase in production cost.

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