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Why is the nozzle easy to break?

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application is high pressure, ultra high pressure abrasive water jet

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    0865598567 2019-05-14 10:23:52

    serious abrasion. High-pressure, ultra-high-pressure abrasive water jets are new processing technologies that emerged in the 1980s. Abrasive water jets can be used to process metal materials, non-metallic materials, and various composite materials. However, due to the addition of high hardness abrasives to its working medium, the nozzle is heavily worn. The service life and wear resistance of the nozzle during the cutting process are directly related to the processing quality and processing cost. The hardness of the hard particles in the abrasive is almost equal to or even comparable to that of the cemented carbide and ceramic base nozzles, so the wear is particularly serious. In a powder-making apparatus in which food, pharmaceutical or cosmetic ingredients are refined, the elongated nozzle is made of alumina ceramic, which is affected by the serious wear and the production efficiency and quality.

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