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High Density Alloys?

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Can anyone refer me to any alloys that have a density circa 15 g/cm cubed or to a site or place that can ? has to do with a possible design im making pricing should be moderate i guess . im not looking for gold or anything
Update: i already thought of tungsten but ive only found alloys with over 90 percent W . to heavy still.

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  • 0861788249

    0861788249 2017-01-05 10:19:55

    Don't think you are going to find anything like that at a moderate cost. Very few metals have that kind of density, and most of them are precious metals, or radioactive metals. Lead is only 11.3 gm/cm^3. 18 karat gold would be somewhere around 15 gm/cm^3. Tungsten is 19.3. Some alloy with a high percentage of tungsten would work, but I don't think there is anything commercially available in this range. There are some tungsten carbides that are used in making machine tools that are about that density, but I think they are only used for coatings. I don't imagine they are moderately priced either. You might find out something about them by lookng up machind tool vendors.

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