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Mig and tig welding ?

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Mig and tig welding ?

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    0861788249 2017-01-06 10:04:58

    Ok..Welding tests are generally set up for a specific type of weld.. for example Mig welding (metal inert gas) will generally be indoors with a machine that is completely out of settings..The steel you use will be mild steel. Unless you specifically ask for stainless certification. The flux welder your speaking of is a small diameter wire and is generally not used however if it is and your familiar with how to set up any machine you can do it.. In a tig weld test it will hardly ever be a scratch tig machine only high frequency and the material will be mild steel or aluminum if you want to certify for that. In some cases certification for stainless is available. on a flat plate weld your coupons will be sawed or x-rayed. they generally take two root weld bends and two face weld bends..In the case of aluminum most just shoot film.(x-ray) . When you take the tig test make sure that your tungsten matches the material ,,thoriated tungsten @ 2% works well.. Depending on the test the operator will generally give you a lot of time to test. He knows your nervous and will help a Little don't be afraid to ask for something you need ,,they have consumables there and your testing for a job ,,its your day..Don't let the whole thing get on your nerves...Well I hope I helped a little..my first test was in 1968 3 position E-7018..I was a summer employee for Brown and Root...I passed..Have a good one from the E...

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