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Mechanical engineering (tungsten carbide)?

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I have just got myself a job as a trainee mechanical engineer, i dont really have any qualifications in the field but i learn quickly and catch on to things really well. I am struggling to find any information about what kind of area or companies that i could potentially aim for to further a career in this field... make lots of money and TRAVEL :D... i know that the company that im going to work for specialises in Tungsten carbide ... Will this hinder and limit my options to progress in the Mechanical engineering industry... Can any one help me any information about expected/approx. pay or salary i would be great to ... thank you :D

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  • 0861788249

    0861788249 2017-01-06 10:13:30

    :I suggest you take the job, learn as much as you can about tungsten carbide as it is used in a vast number of machining applications. When you have been in your job for a while and if you are the right kind of person, then opportunities will open up for you. They did for me, I never got a degree, but I finished up teaching graduates.

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