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Welding process? step how to do arc welding process

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Welding process?
step how to do arc welding process

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    0861788249 2017-01-06 10:17:44

    Electric arc welding is , at it's fundamental, passing a LOW voltage HIgh current (amperage) supply to the item to be welded via an sacrificial electrode The electrode is coated with a flux to help prevent air /oxygen getting to the molten seam 1) prepare the joint by wire brush or grinding back to good clean metal 2) choose a suitable electrode .. of the same metal type and of the correct diameter usually the same diameter as the thickness of the item to be welded in the case of sheet below 7mm viz. 2mm sheet 2mm dia electrode 3) from the electrode data sheet choose the CURRENT (AMPS) setting commonly 50 - 180 amps 50A very thin objects 180A for 7 - 12 mm 5) fit electrode to holder 6) connect the earth clamp to the object 7) PUT ON WELDING MASK or other eye protection 8) test the conduction and warm the welding electrode (rod) by tapping on the earth clamp to get a arc 9) If OK, tap on the joint and pull back very slightly ( 1-2 MM) 10) holding te rod at a slight angle ( 5-10 off vertical) move along the joint making smooth weld line 11) every few inches , while the weld is still red in colour, hit the weld line with a welders hammer this not only cleans the flux off but also hardens the weld by "work hardening" and preventing coarse, weak crystals of metal forming 12) grind or linish back if needed

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