Q & A details -What are the advantages and disadvantages of case hardening (surface hardening)?
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What are the advantages and disadvantages of case hardening (surface hardening)?

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Any advantages or disadvantages of case hardening (surface hardening) heat treatment process

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    0861788249 2017-01-09 09:57:12

    Some of the advantages of case hardening process are 1. The materials that undergone nitriding process, do not require special heat treatment process. So, the occurrence of distortion is very less. 2. As the process take place, nitride precipitation occurs which allows expansion of the material. This makes the surface prone to high residual compression so due to this the notch sensitivity factor for that material gets reduced to a large extent. 3. By nitriding process higher degree of hardness can be obtained. 4. The products formed after nitriding have less coefficient of friction. Some of the disadvantages of case hardening process are 1. Depth of hardness is less. 2. The process cannot be applied for all the alloy steels. 3. An expensive grinding process is to be adopted after nitriding due to the formation of a thin layer which is in white color 4. Since there will be no post heat treatment process lot of care should be taken about the inner core

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