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What is the element tungsten in?

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I have to make a collage of objects tungsten is in so any help. 
Also if you could add the elemt symbol, mass/weight,a nd atomic number that would be helpful.

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    0861788249 2017-01-09 10:29:15

    It's easy to find information like this. Google tungsten uses, and you will get links just like I did. * Name: Tungsten * Symbol: W * Atomic number: 74 * Atomic weight: 183.84 (1) * Standard state: solid at 298 K * CAS Registry ID: 7440-33-7 * Group in periodic table: 6 * Group name: (none) * Period in periodic table: 6 * Block in periodic table: d-block * Colour: greyish white, lustrous * Classification: Metallic * useful for glass-to-metal seals since the thermal expansion is about the same as borosilicate glass * tungsten and its alloys are used extensively for filaments for electric lamps, electron and television tubes, and for metal evaporation work * electrical contact points for car distributors * X-ray targets * windings and heating elements for electrical furnaces * missile and high-temperature applications * high-speed tool steels and many other alloys contain tungsten * the carbide is important to the metal-working, mining, and petroleum industries * calcium and magnesium tungstates are widely used in fluorescent lighting * tungsten salts are used in the chemical and tanning industries * tungsten disulphide is a dry, high-temperature lubricant, stable to 500°C * tungsten bronzes and other tungsten compounds are used in paints * TV tubes (electron tubes) * Nozzles for the rockets engines, for example, are made from tungsten steel.

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