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What are some metal alloys?

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 Besides steel (iron and carbon), bronze (copper and tin) and brass (copper and zinc). What are some other metal alloys? 

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    Aluminum Alloys AA-8000: used for building wire Magnalium (aluminum, 5% magnesium) Magnox (magnesium oxide, aluminum) Nambe (aluminum plus seven other unspecified metals) Silumin (aluminum, silicon) Zamak (zinc, aluminum, magnesium, copper) Aluminum forms other complex alloys with magnesium, manganese, and platinum Bismuth Alloys Wood's metal (bismuth, lead, tin, cadmium) Rose metal (bismuth, lead, tin) Field's metal Cerrobend Cobalt Alloys Megallium Stellite (cobalt, chromium, tungsten or molybdenum, carbon) Talonite (cobalt, chromium) Ultimet (cobalt, chromium, nickel, molybdenum, iron, tungsten) Vitallium Copper Alloys Arsenical copper Beryllium copper (copper, beryllium) Billon (copper, silver) Brass (copper, zinc) Calamine brass (copper, zinc) Chinese silver (copper, zinc) Dutch metal (copper, zinc) Gilding metal (copper, zinc) Muntz metal (copper, zinc) Pinchbeck (copper, zinc) Prince's metal (copper, zinc) Tombac (copper, zinc) Bronze (copper, tin, aluminum or any other element) Aluminum bronze (copper, aluminum) Arsenical bronze (copper, arsenic) Bell metal (copper, tin) Florentine bronze (copper, aluminum or tin) Glucydur (beryllium, copper, iron) Guani颅n (likely a manganese bronze of copper, manganese, with iron sulfides and other sulfides) Gunmetal (copper, tin, zinc) Phosphor bronze (copper, tin and phosphorus) Ormolu (Gilt Bronze) (copper, zinc) Speculum metal (copper, tin) Constantan (copper, nickel) Copper-tungsten (copper, tungsten) Corinthian bronze (copper, gold, silver) Cunife (copper, nickel, iron) Cupronickel (copper, nickel) Cymbal alloys (Bell metal) (copper, tin) Devarda's alloy (copper, aluminum, zinc) Electrum (copper, gold, silver) Hepatizon (copper, gold, silver) Heusler alloy (copper, manganese, tin) Manganin (copper, manganese, nickel) Nickel silver (copper, nickel) Nordic gold (copper, aluminum, zinc, tin) Shakudo (copper, gold) Tumbaga (copper, gold) Gallium Alloys Galinstan (gallium, indium, tin) Gold Alloys Electrum (gold, silver, copper) Tumbaga (gold, copper) Rose gold (gold, copper) White gold (gold, nickel, palladium, or platinum) Indium Alloys Field's metal (indium, bismuth, tin) Iron or Ferrous Alloys Steel (carbon) Stainless steel (chromium, nickel) AL-6XN Alloy 20 Celestrium Marine grade stainless Martensitic stainless steel Surgical stainless steel (chromium, molybdenum, nickel) Silicon steel (silicon) Tool steel (tungsten or manganese) Bulat steel Chromoly (chromium, molybdenum) Crucible steel Damascus steel HSLA steel High speed steel Maraging steel Reynolds 531 Wootz steel Iron Anthracite iron (carbon) Cast iron (carbon) Pig iron (carbon) Wrought iron (carbon) Fernico (nickel, cobalt) Elinvar (nickel, chromium) Invar (nickel) Kovar (cobalt) Spiegeleisen (manganese, carbon, silicon) Ferroalloys Ferroboron Ferrochrome (chromium) Ferromagnesium Ferromanganese Ferromolybdenum Ferronickel Ferrophosphorus Ferrotitanium Ferrovanadium Ferrosilicon Lead Alloys Antimonial lead (lead, antimony) Molybdochalkos (lead, copper) Solder (lead, tin) Terne (lead, tin) Type metal (lead, tin, antimony) Magnesium Alloys Magnox (magnesium, aluminum) T-Mg-Al-Zn (Bergman phase) Elektron Mercury Alloys Amalgam (mercury with just about any metal except platinum) Nickel Alloys Alumel (nickel, manganese, aluminum, silicon) Chromel (nickel, chromium) Hastelloy (nickel, molybdenum, chromium, sometimes tungsten) Inconel (nickel, chromium, iron) Nitinol (nickel, titanium, shape memory alloy) Potassium Alloys KLi (potassium, lithium) NaK (sodium, potassium) Rare Earth Alloys Mischmetal (various rare earths) Silver Alloys Argentium sterling silver (silver, copper, germanium) Goloid (silver, copper, gold) Platinum sterling (silver, platinum) Shibuichi (silver, copper) Sterling silver (silver, copper) Tin Alloys Britannium (tin, copper, antimony) Pewter (tin, lead, copper) Solder (tin, lead, antimony) Titanium Alloys Beta C (titanium, vanadium, chromium, other metals) 6al-4v (titanium, aluminum, vanadium) Uranium Alloys Staballoy (depleted uranium with titanium or molybdenum) Uranium may also be alloyed with plutonium Zinc Alloys Brass (zinc, copper) Zamak (zinc, aluminum, magnesium, copper)

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