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Beginning welding equipment?

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I want too learn how too weld, my cousin said he would teach me how too do it, but im wondering what equipment i will need too buy, a list would be great?

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    0861788249 2017-01-14 09:40:53

    This question comes up on the Weld.com forum quite often. First you need to figure out what type of welding you want to learn. Most people say that you should choose MIG (metal inert gas) because it is the easiest and still allows you to weld many different types of metals (which is true). Depending on why you are getting into welding, I would actually recommend TIG. Yes, TIG is one of the hardest (if not THE hardest) type of welding to master. However, it also has many advantages... The reasons I think TIG is best: 1. You can weld ANY type of metal 2. You can braze with Silicon Bronze 3. It is the most fun 4. It looks the best aesthetically for home projects 5. Once you know TIG, you can take that knowledge to other processes 6. There is a TON of "how to" videos out there for TIG welding Why you might want to go with MIG: 1. Easiest process to learn 2. Cheaper than TIG 3. Still a good amount of how to content Whatever you choose, be sure to head over to the Weld.com forum for some more advice! Here is one of the posts already asking this question on Weld.com: http://www.weld.com/index.php/Weekend-Warrior-Welding-Forum/question/advice-for-my-first-welding-machine.html If you do end up going TIG and want a quality / inexpensive product, check out Everlast. The Power iTIG 200-T is the new model and is very nice. You will also need: Argon gas Tungsten (2% Thoriated is a good all purpose Tungsten) Filler (depends on base metal)

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