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Question on Arc Welding?

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Question on Arc Welding? 

Hi. I'm just learning to Arc weld. I have a small welder that has a knob that goes from 60 to 180 amps. 

I tried welding some 2MM thick steel and it melted holes in it. 

What setting should I use so that i can get good penetration without burning holes in the metal. I was doing it on 90 amps before. 

Do i increase the amps for thinner metal or decrease? 
Also do I hold the rod closer or farther to the weld spot for thinner metal? 
I'm using 6013 rods. 

Thanks for yor answers

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  • 0861788249

    0861788249 2017-01-14 09:42:51

    2mm is very thin material to be welding with SMAW(stick). With 2mm thick material you will get penetration no matter what setting you weld with, the highest amperage you can maintain an arc with and not burn through it what you should use. On thin material use a low amperage setting, I personally have never even tried welding stick on 2mm metal, we always use Tig for stuff that thin. By increasing the arc length(moving the arc away from metal) you will increase voltage and reduce penetration, by having a short arc length(close to the metal)you will have more penetration and a more convex bead. If you are worried about penetration look for the HAZ(heat affected zone) around the bead(will turn the metal different colors) if you see or the outline of the bead on the otherside of metal, you are getting penetration. I suggest getting some thicker material, 3/16-3/8'' thickness for practice and then layering on that, or do fillet joints and just cascade out from the fillet. Stick is too hot for 2mm material.

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