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Welding certification?

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Can i take a welding certification test without taking a class?

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  • 0861788249

    0861788249 2017-01-14 09:59:30

    You can take it, but I doubt you'd pass a cert test unless you have a fair amount of hands-on welding experience. (I like to call it "spending time under the helmet.") They're not easy and they're not supposed to be. Note that a welding cert' isn't like a doctor's license or a pilot's license. You're only certified to weld one specific kind of welding under one very specific set of conditions. For example, one particular job requires a lot of welding stainless steel with MIG, in the overhead position. So the company you work for has you take a cert' test for that. There are literally tens of thousands of possible certifications, and they only last for one year. In a lot of cases you don't need a certificate to get a job.

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