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I am thinking of making a go-cart. 
I have Stick welded before but i have been told that Mig welding is much more easy for this kind of project! What is the proper voltage i should buy mine with to be able to weld! Oh.. are those wire fed? and do they plug in to a house electrical outlet?? 

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  • 0861788249

    0861788249 2017-01-16 09:53:54

    you have been told correctly, welding with a MIG machine is very easy. in comparison, stick welding its like using stone age tools if money is not an option, i VERY VERY highly recomend a 'Miller" brand welder. they are simply the best, and their customer service in unbelieveably good. Specifically, the Miller PASSPORT. this is the most amazing welder ever. if James Bond was issued a welder, this would be it. in runs on ANY voltage (90 to 380) at any frequency and any waveform (that means you can run it from a crappy generator (with poor voltage.freq regulation) and still get top preformance without overheating, derating, or destruction. it is housed in a suitcase... so just carry it where u want it (only 45lbs) and weld whatever and wherever u want (oh, the shielding gas tank is also included INSIDE the suitcase). it will weld just about anything (reasonably). oh, at least for me, the investment in an 'auto darkening mask' was the single most inportant factor in improving overall weld quality,and general welding bliss. a 110 volt machine would work fine for a go cart frame, but ... you never know what you may want to do in the future. buy a good one and be done, period well, just a few thoughts, hope this helps

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