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Should I go to a welding school?

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I'm currently working as a maintenance technician at a apartment home but don't like the paid or company too much, so im thinking about joining a trade school for welding in Philadelphia pa. I want to know is still a big demand for welding and also is it a demand for welding in Philadelphia pa. I keep on hearing it not a good trade and hard to get a job after you done then I hear it's a good trade so before I take out a school loan and the school reps feed me lies should I go back to school or not

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  • 0861788249

    0861788249 2017-01-16 09:55:44

    Welding is a trade that is subject to the vagaries of the construction business. More technical welding on materials like aluminum are more subject to the vagaries of the manufacturing sector. Many of the welding positions are unionized which provides better benefits, but those positions are reducing as the sectors contract. I suggest you research online for the requirements needed to get certified in the area of welding you're interested in. Then see what you have to do to take the certification test. You may be much better off buying a rig, getting some scrap, and teaching yourself when compared to the cost of the trade schools. Good Luck

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