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Need some welding ideas?

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I want to do some welding projects i could sell around the city any ideas maybe sell on the internet. any ideas welcome.

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  • 0861788249

    0861788249 2017-01-16 10:21:28

    rod iron repair and/or design is very profitable, can be done with a small crew or by yourself, doesn't require alot of insur., and is some what cheap to begin if you have already have some equipment. Not sure of you areas laws, but you probably only need like 50 us dollars or somthing to get a tax number. Do some advertising around town the you repair, install, and design rod iron gates, railings, fences, ornamental designs, and other small welding work, but remember, like anything else, the more you put in the more success you will have. I am a 10year certified welder with extensive education and training, I have done many different types of jobs from mass transit frame fabrication to dune buggy frame building to boilermaking(present job). You will need T.I.G. welder if you plan on doing any interior work(big moeny in that), but have a M.I.G. welder at least. You will also need a truck or a van, a place to fabricate your designs(small garage or any other SAFE PLACE TO WELD), an elec. angle grinder, long extension cords, and other basic hand tools gear to your personal style of work. Not sure of your abiliy, but you can research this and learn it very easy, make sure you practice before working on anyone's property. Doing small maintainece and residen. work that alot of people need is the best way to make money and get some real work. Also for what ever you decide to do make sure you call around and get prices in your area for the same services or products that You will be offering.

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