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Strongest alloy?........?

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Im looking for a strong alloy, typically for armor. Would that super alloy need yield strength or compression? I was thinking of a beryllium-titanium-nickel alloy. It needs to hold up to a tank shell. If there isnt a material, a fiction one is ok, not adamantium or though, something strong but not to strong. 

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    0861788249 2017-01-17 09:22:46

    To answer the question about yield or compressive strength, the property the alloy needs is called toughness (the ability to absorb energy before failure). This is the total area under the stress-strain curve. Armor doesn't care if it gets bent (within limits), as long as it doesn't come apart. Another requirement is weight. A 3 foot thick steel would not be very practical for a tank. I suspect that a lamination of various materials would be the best, rather than an alloy. Or a carbon fiber composite (Which is sort of a laminate.).

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