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Mig Welding Wire?

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Last year i was welding something that was rusty, the Wire deflected off the steel and into my index finger and right through the bone, since then it has been agony and still cannot feel the tip of the finger. What have i done?
Update: In response to Harley's answer, all the firms steel is kept outside so it rusts with time, 99% the time the steel is clean. I was welding a 4-1/2 inch cap onto a gate post and the only way to keep the cap on is to put a tack on one side of the cap and turn round to put another tack opposite side, holding the cap. 

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    0861788249 2017-01-19 10:17:00

    IN RESPONSE TO YOUR RESPONSE The only thing Harley said that was wrong was about the wire going in to the bone. Even .25 wire can go in to the bone at the right angle. But the fact still remains that you were welding RUSTY metal. Whether the metal was stored outside or not, it obviously was not preped to weld if the wire didnt arc when it hit the metal. His response had nothing to do with tacking the cap on. In fact you probably should have used more than 2 tacks to keep the cap from moving while you weld it. It's obvious that you damaged your neve endings and it's obvious that everyone noticed that YOU screwed up. Take it like a man and go get the doctor to check it out.

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