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Which is a stronger weld, arc welding or brazing?

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i have to weld some thick metal, the metal is about a 1/4 inch thick and is used on a tractor, so I need a good strong weld. I have an arc welder and a set of torches. Its been welded before and has broke. If brazing is stronger can you also tell me what kind of rods to use? 

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    0861788249 2017-01-20 09:42:04

    stick is definably the way to go. preparation is by far the most important thing. remove any rust and old weld until you have a clean surface. grind the edges off at 45deg angles and tack weld some spacers on it so that the edges maintain a 1/8 in gap while you weld. the gap asures that the metal is fully melted and mixed. it will take a few passes to fill the V shaped grove. 3 should do so dont try to fill it all in one go. clean the weld after every pass. this will help keep the impurities out. be sure to prime it. welds rust very fast. if you can the best thing to do is to upgrade to bolts. place a sheet of metal on either side and through bolt the whole thing. bolts and rivets are much stronger that welds and they can be repaired and maintained. or do both.

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