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How to weld a rear end?

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I have a old 1980 chevy k20. The rear end is not posi-traction and i would like to make it for both wheels. I use it for getting around in the country and i need the more torque on both wheels i can get. my friend told me you can weld your rearend somehow to become posi. What do you do because i am good at welding i just need to know what to do 

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  • 0861788249

    0861788249 2017-01-22 10:59:18

    firstfallen... Your joking right? Your a 35 year ASE tech and you THINK posi locks both axles together at all time and don't unlock them???? Have you lost your $#@&*&% mind man?? Posi = ford's term used for limited slip All posi units has a clutch system of some type (spring, cone gears, dog gears, etc) to let one wheel unlock as it turns a turn. Heck even full race lockers does that. I had 2 lockers a mini type gear locker (replaces spider gears) made by powertrax called lockrite and a full carrier locker detroit locker. Both uses springs and dog gears to lock/un lock as its going around a turn. The ONLY fully locked "posi" is a full or mini spool. You sure need to go back and re take your ASE test my friend. Now to answer question. Yes you can weld the spider gears to the side gears and make a locked rear end. Alot of drag racers in the 60's and 70's use to do this. However it is an unsafe thing to do and is now out lawed at the races. With welded spiders, your wheels cant turn at diff speeds as your turning.. So you kinda drag/slid one tire as you turn. You get bucking and tire squeal as you turn.. It can cause axles to break, and due to not unlocking it tends to push the car straight as you try to turn

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