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How do you prevent metal from warping when welded?

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When welding a bushing 3" x 5" (of 1026) to a plate (3/4" thick) of 516 the plate draws up maybe a millimeter or 2 mostly at the edge where it is no longer perfectly flat. How can I prevent this drawing as I still need to weld supports to the bushing and am afraid the thing is going to look like a sombrero when I'm done. 

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  • 0861788249

    0861788249 2017-01-22 11:01:50

    I work with those steels all the time. Here's my suggestion. Pre-heat both the bushing and plate to no more than 400 F, then make a small stringer pass, let the piece cool back down to 400 F before making your next pass. If you're making a fillet weld larger than 1/4" then the distortion will be even more noticeable. This will help minimize the distortion, but will not eliminate it. The reason the plate bows upward is because the weld metal shrinks as it cools and pulls the plate toward the side that the weld is on.

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