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Breathing problems after welding?

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so im 17 and am doing a welding/fabrication apprenticeship and was wondering what would cause these symptoms.
So today i was welding without my adflo respirator on (i know how stupid) and just my welding helmet and now when i breathe (6 hours later) i can still smell the same burning/welding smell.
i was tig welding mild steel and high quality 306 stainless handles (homework job) and the mild steel had a paint coating over it which was burning.
and was wondering how long will this last and what causes it 

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  • 0861788249

    0861788249 2017-01-22 11:03:13

    The smell is probably still on your clothing, skin, and hair. If the mild steel you welded was cadmium plated that is not to good for you. But it would probably take alot of exposure to be really harmful. I just googled "cadmium plating welding fumes" and got results for that plus many more types of welding fumes. I hope this helps.

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