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Welding steel near aluminum?

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I have a broken exhaust stud in my engine head. I have an aluminum head but the stud is steel. The stud broke a little below the surface. I want to mig weld a washer to the stud, but will the weld stick to the aluminum or will it blow a big hole in the head? I will only be using a little 110 mig welder.

will I be okay or will that lead to more problems?
Update: Easy outs should be called no so easy outs. they tend to break and they are harded steel and are much more diffcult to drill out.

I forgot to mention that i have had a torch right on that stud, it didn't affect the head but it also didn't turn the bolt red. why is that? 

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  • 0861788249

    0861788249 2017-01-24 10:53:19

    A 110 volt mig might not get hot enough to fuse to the broken stud but you are on the right track. The heat from welding will loosen the stud slightly sometimes enough to back it out with a sharp tool or slot cut in the broken piece. I have removed many broken bolts and studs in aluminum that were deep in the head with tig, by welding a dab of weld at a time and keep building it up till I could grab it with a pair of pliers. It requires precision welding skills but can be done. You might try it with the mig but you must not allow the arc to touch the aluminum. If you weld the washer to it make sure that the washer is not plated it will create more problems for you (health related). Good luck!

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