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Why does stainless steel bends when I weld it?

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I am welding 1/2"x3" flats. after I am done the flat is bended. I am tig welding it, but if I use mig, the same things happens. Can someone tell me how to do this right, do I have to preheat the steel, I am using to much amps?

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  • 0861788249

    0861788249 2017-01-24 10:55:44

    It is called warping. When you heat metal to critical temperature it will warp. You can pre-stress the metal to reduce the warpage or you can weld it on the other side to bring it back Or you can allow for the warpage in your design. Heating will reduce warpage but not eliminate it (depending on the preheat temp). You can place them in a press to make it flat again but that may cause cracks. Mig should cause less warpage than tig. I would try to fixture the parts to hold them flat or maybe pre-stress them so they come out flat. No way to tell you how without seeing the parts first.

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